Monday, July 14, 2008

Time to Register

Just ten weeks until we all meet up again. Time to register. Time to collect money. Time to plan.

The Theme: "Bridging the Worlds of Books and Blogs" (Portland is know as Bridgetown with its ten bridges crossing the Willamette River.)

The Place: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel. The Sheraton has extended conference rates between September 24-September 29, if you wish to stay longer. Breakfast is included.

The Cost: $60.00 for the conference (dinner included) and $30.oo for dinner

Registration: Kidlitosphere Registration

Stay tuned. More to come.


Anonymous said...

Um, the registration link insists that I have to download flash in order to do anything with it - is there any way of registering without this...?

Anonymous said...

[tried and tried and tried]

can't access the thing on my computer.

Can access it from hubby's computer, but ONLY to see it - can't fill in online, can't print out, can't save in a format the computer will recognise.

is there anyone out there able and willing to send me this in a format I can use - a PDF, a .doc file, a .txt file, ANYTHING? Because I'd dearly love to register...

Jone said...

For anyone else, I have a file uploaded on Kidlitosphere or please email me at "macrush53 at yahoo dot com".

Anonymous said...

Thank you much, problem solved - form will be on its way this week.

mike said...

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